Sample Desktops

These Desktops have been contributed by our users.  They are free to all users of Evolution Interface.  You may use them as you choose.

Each desktop is in a self-extracting  .exe which will install the needed icons, backgrounds, sounds etc. necessary for the desktop.  After downloading a desktop, run the .exe to install it.  If you installed Evolution Interface to c:\Program Files\evolution then the default install location will correctly install the files to the appropriate locations.  You can change the install directory for other than the default location.  Once you have installed the new desktop, you can create a link to it adding a "desktop link" to the desktop or by adding it to an existing "desktop list". 






Sonic Fish Desktop

Clone of the hot mp3 site, a great example how you can duplicate a web page as a desktop.  Uses invisible icons to implement most links.

Matrix Desktop

Many resources related to the movie.

Honda Cars

Internet desktop with links to the Honda models.