Evolution's easy-to-use integrated ripper copies music from CDs to your hard drive and saves them as MP3 files

Use Evolution's playlists to play all your MP3s, even ones you've downloaded off the Internet. 

With session lists it takes just seconds to arrange hours of musical entertainment.

Customize how playlists & session lists look. There are currently 12 window styles to choose from. Choose the font for window frame and contents. Select background color. Choose a default setting just once.

Control loudness on-the-fly from any music window using its built-in volume slider.


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Spectrum window style

Sky window style
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Mesa window style

Adobe window style 
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Oak window style Galactica window style 
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Greco window style  Kinhin window style 
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Mac OS8 window style 

Silver window style
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Charcoal window style 

Win98 window style