The only place you'll find Lists like these is Evolution. Gather links to files from all over your system. Add any bookmark, e-mail address, or desktop to a list. Access anything in a List with a simple click.

Files in a List can be displayed with icons, file extensions, full pathname, or any combination of the three.

Instantly transform any General List into a Group Launch List, then launch multiple programs and documents with a single click.

Lists can be customized in twelve window styles. Fonts in the title bar and window contents can be customized, too.

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General List    
This user's Main Programs list. All the programs he normally uses are included. No more searching through files or icons for frequently used programs. Displayed showing icons only. 

General List
This user's current documents were placed in a General List with only their file extensions showing for easy identification.

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Group Launch 

This user likes to burn CDs of her favorite music, and to make cool album covers at the same time. The CD burner software, plus the graphics programs she uses to make the covers, are all launched simultaneously with one click using a Group Launch List.


Bookmarks List
Ten frequently visited web sites were placed in his list. Now he can surf to those sites directly from his desktop by single-clicking on each site's name in  the Bookmarks List.

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Desktop Links List
This user placed all her desktops into a Desktop Links List so that she can see them all and switch to each of them with one click.

E-mail List
This user placed his 11 most frequent e-mail correspondents into an e-mail List. Whenever he wants to send a letter he clicks their name and his default e-mail program launches with the mailto: field already filled in.
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General List   
 This user placed all the documents from a current project into a general list for one-click access. Displayed with icons showing.

General List
Displayed showing full path names, no icons or file extensions.