Did you know that there are more toxic chemicals applied to roses than any other ornamental?  If you are considering growing  organic roses, there are some great solutions here.

A good natural insecticide is Neem oil, it works well for insects that feed on the plant you are wanting to protect.

Anti-transpirants such as Wilt Pruf can be effective anti-fungals.

A great product for organic gardening is Mity-Gro.  It enhances the soil, improves plant health and production and really heats up a compost pile.


Here is an awesome screensaver, LIFE4S9, a Sacred Geometry Screen Saver.

There is also Hot Ice, an exceptionally cool animated screen saver.

Vision for creating presentations, computer based training, multiple choice testing and general multi-media authoring.

Break out of the box with Brain Builder, provides tools to enhance creativity, increase intelligence, create comedy, get unstuck.

Make puzzles from your favorite pictures and play them on locally on your computer or on you web site.

Comedy Generator takes familiar situations and turns them into the unexpectedly funny.

lightSource, a breathtaking exploration of Sacred Geometry.


Natural Candida treatment with a satisfaction guarantee.

Uncertain whether your health problems may be yeast related, complete the Candida Questionnaire.

A combination of Collagen Type II, MSM and Cetyl Myristoleate offer relief for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis sufferers.

Excellent discussion of the lobby to restrict free access to vitamins by the general public Products and Services designed to help you in your quest for alternative, holistic, and Chinese therapies and resources for the body mind and spirit

A naturopath's clear and illuminating discussion of chronic fatigue syndrome.


This is a great program, not some little inkjet but a $3500.00 production printer using Xerox/Tektronix new solid ink technology, better than a color laser.  Your organization must qualify, but most small offices and home based business willWe got one and think it is great!  To receive special referral status, put "448132" in your application when asked for a program code. A delightful collection of natural products that are environmentally friendly nurturing and esthetically pleasing, there is also has a very nice gift section.

SurfSong will delight the "independent traveler" to Kauai HI, Poipu vacation rental.