Evolution Interface is a natural new way to take creative control of your personal computer. 

It's software that gives you flexibility like you never imagined possible. 

Evolution eliminates the hassles of working with confusing menus, scattered icons, unwieldy windows, hard-to-find files and obscure commands. 

Evolution immediately clears the clutter off your screen -- placing you in a simpler, beautiful, easy-to-use environment. 

Truly personalize your computer in ways unheard of in the 'personal' computing world. Save thousands of clicks. Never get lost.

Not an operating system -- Evolution uses the Windows 95/98 operating systems, but insulates you from them

For the first time, your friends who use Macintosh computers will actually be envious of you.

And Evolution is so easy to learn and use - you'll be up and running in 15 minutes.

Once you have Evolution, you will never want to go back.

Download Evolution 
Use It Free for 30 days.

Evolution for 
Windows 95/98 
available on April 4, 2000



Cross the threshold to a new realm
 of computing power


Evolution Interface
Feature Summary

Gives you major control over how your computer looks, feels and works.

Have as many different  desktops as you want. Create them in moments. Swiftly surf from desktop to desktop with one click. 

Have custom desktops for work, one for play, one for surfing the net, another for your kids, yet another for your neighbor. It's unlimited. And it's easy.

Desktop icons can be any picture, as large as you want and any shape. Use even scanned photographs, and graphics taken directly from Internet web pages.  

Fully customize fonts, colors and window styles for all your folders, menus & dialogs - with a few clicks of the mouse. And you set the browsing styles that work best for you.

Keep the programs you frequently use always within easy reach with custom lists that  launch files & switch programs with one click.

Full of surprises. The coolest MP3 software. The hottest, mesmerizing, most beautiful screen saver. And lots of custom icons, graphics and images for you to choose from.

And there's so much more!

Detailed Feature List

Screen Shots

Evolution Collection

Evolution Gallery

Experience Evolution for yourself...

Download Evolution 
Use It Free for 30 days.

Evolution for 
Windows 95/98 
available on April 4, 2000


Coming soon: 
Evolution for NT 
and Windows 2000

Coming later: 
Evolution for Linux


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wpeD.jpg (64292 bytes)

Evolution desktops break the mold. Have unlimited numbers of desktops. 


Icons can be any picture, any size, any shape. (This desktop icon is shown actual size)

folder express2.jpg (32998 bytes)

Easy file management.
Customized folder windows.

Main menu-pull right, black on yellow, extra large.jpg (90041 bytes)

Menus are context-sensitive
and fully customizable

Amazing animated  screen saver

Lists and playlists like you've never experienced before

Select Files for List-Express View.jpg (93455 bytes)

Easy to use, fully customizable dialogs

Powerful MP3 ripper, play list and session list utility.

An incredible assortment of free  background art, icons , screen saver modules, and more - in the 'Evolution Collection' and the 'Evolution Gallery.'