Make your computer truly your own.

Evolution is a more natural, intuitive interface because you choose what your computer looks like and how it works.

Until now you've had to put all your icons on one desktop. With Evolution you can have as many desktops as you want. Creating them takes moments and switching between them takes a single click. 

You can have different desktops for business, finance, music, games, sports, and hobbies. Multiple users can each have their own sets of personal desktops.

Now you can use any picture for any file's icon, even scanned photos and graphics downloaded from the Internet. Icons can be any size or shape.

Customize folders, lists, menus & dialogs with your own colors, fonts and images.

Evolution comes with a mesmerizing screen saver and a great MP3 ripper for recording from CDs. Its versatile playlists & session lists enable hours of music, organized any way you want, with just a few mouse clicks.

Evolution's break-through file handling simplifies and speeds up daily computing tasks.

Evolution is so easy to learn and use you'll be up and running in 15 minutes.

Evolution unleashes your creativity and puts the fun back into computing, yet it's a serious tool for novice and expert alike.

Evolution opens new doors to computing power.








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Evolution for 
Windows 98/95 
will be available 
on April 4, 2000


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Coming soon: 
Evolution for NT 
and Windows 2000

Coming later: 
Evolution for Linux


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office3.jpg (328140 bytes)

An Evolution desktop (1024x768)



Icons can be any picture, any size, any shape (shown actual size)


folder express2.jpg (32998 bytes)

Easy file management
Customized folder windows


Main menu-pull right, black on yellow, extra large.jpg (90041 bytes)

Menus are context-sensitive
and fully customizable


Amazing full-motion screen saver


Select Files for List-Express View.jpg (93455 bytes)

Easy to use, fully customizable dialogs


Powerful MP3 ripper and play list utility.