Evolution's sophisticated handling of files makes managing files simpler. You can switch on-the-fly between three classic modes of file management.

Cascade view is a variation of the Macintosh way, Open A New Window For Each Level.

Tree view is an efficient application of Browse While Showing The History, the way Windows does it.

Express view is Evolution's implementation of Browse In Place, a super-fast way to navigate the file hierarchy.

Folder windows can be customized using twelve frame styles.

folder express2.jpg (32998 bytes) folder nested express.jpg (68606 bytes)

Express View    
Drives appear at the top, followed by folders, then files. Current drive is indicated by the red highlight (D: drive).


Express View
Shown after having navigated down through several nested folders. The name of the current folder is in the window's title bar. The parent folder (within which the current folder resides) is shown by the cyan folder icon. Subparent folder icons are magenta. Folders residing within the current folder are yellow.

folder tree.jpg (93726 bytes)

Tree View    
Like Windows  Explorer, only faster.

Cascade View   
Like with a Macintosh, clicking on a folder casts off a new window. But has the same quick navigation as Express view.

folder express1.jpg (48887 bytes)

 Express view
Current drive is indicated by the red highlight (C: drive).