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>I am continuing to be amazed at the abilities of this
>software…Evolution is definitely a keeper.

P. J. Baird



It's software that transforms the kinda dumb, monopolistic MS Windows environment into a whole new universe. 

It's one of those computer innovations that seems too good to be true. But it is true...

Eric Francis



Five Stars

Whether you find the Windows 9x desktop, taskbar, and Start menu way of doing things too confusing, or you're just in the mood to add a whole new look-and-feel to your system, check out Evolution Interface. This innovative program runs on top of the existing Windows GUI and provides you with unlimited desktops, integrated MP3 music management (including a CD ripper), a cool-looking screen saver, a customizable clock, sticky notes, and more. Custom desktops can be created for different users and projects and easily linked together. You can fully configure fonts, colors, and window styles for folders, menus, and dialogs. Desktop icons can be any picture in any shape or size. Other features let you launch multiple files simultaneously with just one click, add email icons that open a preaddressed composition window in your email program, and use an easy-to-use Internet bookmark system. Be sure to read the included Quick Start guide or the tutorial before you begin.    Reviewed on May 16 2000.




>I really love Evolution. I believe "it is the answer". I worked 
with Meg who is not a computer lover at all yesterday and 
>I really saw the light go on for her. She saw that she could 
>easily manage this interface, she is pretty intimidated by Windows.

John Graff



I have been using Evolution for a week now, and have used Litestep as an alternative shell for about 2 years. The biggest difference is Evolution is NOT a shell, but rather an interface. It isn't a static desktop where you add/change modules or backgrounds and have multiple virtual windows. 

Alternative shells can cause compatibility issues and problems and are difficult or impossible for some users. Evolution uses Explorer, and Windows is always instantly available (handy if you have a boss nearby). 

It's more like NextStart, WindowBlinds and an mp3 jukebox/ripper. Any and everything can be linked to a program/action/list, including jpg, gif, or bmp's. But don't try to look at it from a Litestep perspective or you'll miss the whole point. 

This is total creative control.

pjbaird  eFront BetaNews Forum



Well, I've checked "Evolution" out from ''CodeName: MANA LLC''......Very nice! 

I spent a bit making my own theme and I have to say Yes, it's very easy to use. I was pleased with the tutorial it gave. 

It is not a shell replacement, but rather a EXE program. It actually sits on top of your normal windows. In fact, you can switch between the two. This would be a great alternative for those who don't want to spend the effort with Shell programs such as Litestep. 

There are still some things I'd like to see added to Evolution. But overall...Very nice program.




>The more we play with Evolution, the more we love it!

Kaibo Huang



>On the Win98 PC, it has worked real well! I also like it! 
>Thanks for letting me in on it and I would appreciate any 
>e-mail on it..... I like it 10 times better than the Windows desktop!

Rick Gaither



Whoa!  This is cool.

File Clicks  



Forget the boring Windows Desktop. With Evolution you can rig up your own desktop...

Evolution is not the same as Litestep which replaces the entire Windows shell, but a desktop that operates within Windows.

You can install Evolution so that it runs upon starting Windows. In this way, you have the possibility at all times of switching over to the Windows Desktop.

When Evolution starts for the first time you begin with an empty desktop, and are helped by a simple tutorial to create your own desktop step by step.

You can try out this ingenious program for 30 days at no charge.