Evolution Interface FEATURES


-  Streamlines and simplifies daily tasks

-  Organizes important files for ease and clarity

-  Eliminates thousands of mouse clicks

-  Minimizes mind-numbing repetitive tasks

-  Single mouse clicks perform every operation
Essential functions  work with single keystrokes

See some sample desktops    office3.jpg (328140 bytes)


Express View
Browse In Place
Evolution's exclusive new lightning-fast
way to navigate your hard drive

You can use seven different criteria for sorting files
and select exactly which details are shown 

Twelve frame styles each for:

    - Folders
    - General , Group Launch , and Desktop Lists
    - Playlists and Session Lists

Select font, font size, color, & style
and the background's color
See some custom folders            Folder cascade.jpg (50674 bytes)

Icon labels can be any font, color, size  & style
Transparent or opaque  
Always visible, pop-up, or no label

and menus        Playlist Icon menu, mauve on smoke, large.jpg (22468 bytes)


and there's  more...      

See an Evolution Interface        Opening_Desktop.jpg (82527 bytes)