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Evolution Interface Features...?

Why would I want to use multiple desktops?
For greater clarity, multiple projects, better organization, multiple users. It's easier, and it's more fun. Multiple desktops allow you to work on your computer in a larger, more varied, more interesting world than ever before.

You might have separate desktops for financial planning, correspondence, a home based business, genealogy, a special hobby, a current research project, music, games, etc.   

For each task you can place all of the files, application programs and bookmarks to web based resources  on a dedicated desktop. You can customize the appearance of each by choosing a different background and icons that are actually representative of your project.  

For example, suppose you're planning a trip.  As you gather information regarding places to stay, interesting attractions etc.; you can add these to your "My Trip" desktop.  You can use actual images of the sights you expect to see on your trip as icons. Perhaps you are also creating a budget in a spreadsheet application. Add this to your trip desktop.  

The information you have collected is now nicely organized, waiting for you whenever you wish to devote time to your trip plans.  You can access it at any time by just switching to the "My Trip" desktop. You can choose backgrounds and icons, even music for this desktop that are relevant to your trip, it can be a quite beautiful multimedia experience if you like.  When you are not working on your travel plans, it's completely out of sight. 

The natural interface of Evolution makes this process easy and fun.  A single right click anywhere on the desktop opens the dialog for adding a new item.  Some of the items you can add are: files, folders, lists, sounds, bookmarks, and memos. s

You no longer need to crowd all of your icons onto one cluttered desktop or be limited to one background.  By creating a new desktop for each new activity, you find your work is naturally organized and has a greater continuity.  

 It is also especially convenient for multiple users on one computer to each have their own desktops

See Desktop screen shots for some great ideas.

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Will I still be able to use the Windows interface if I install Evolution Interface?
Absolutely! Evolution can substantially supplant the Windows GUI.  But, it also works as the perfect sidekick to Windows.  Either way, Windows is always easily accessible when Evolution Interface is running.  

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Can a novice use Evolution Interface?
Evolution Interface is one most user friendly programs ever created. Our design has focused on making it simple, natural and easy to use.  You can use Evolution Interface even if you know little about the Windows operating system.

Dialogs are self explanatory and supported by context sensitive help.  You'll find that using your computer gets simpler as you use the Windows interface less.


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Can I disable auto-start on my default CD player so that it doesn't interfere with Evolution's music functions?
                        For Windows 95 & 98:

  1. Double-click the 'My Computer' icon on the Windows desktop.
  2. On the 'View' menu, click 'Folder Options'
  3. Click the 'File Types' tab.
  4. Scroll down the 'Registered file types' list until you see 'AudioCD'
  5. Click it once, and then click the 'Edit' button
  6. In the 'Actions' list, click 'Play,' then click 'Set Default.'
  7. Click the 'OK' button until all dialogs are closed.


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Where can I find additional icons and backgrounds?
When you register Evolution Interface, you receive authorization to download the entire Evolution Collection , which includes hundred of additional  icons, backgrounds and LIFE4S9 screen saver graphics.  You can also use any photograph, the backgrounds in your c:\windows folder, or download pictures right off  the Internet and  use them instantly on your desktops as icons.


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Does Evolution Interface require more than 256 colors?
Evolution will run without problems with 256 colors.  You will probably be disappointed with the appearance of some of your desktops, however.  Because some graphics use a broad spectrum of colors you will probably experience serious color degradation in some images.  We have noticed that adding the volume control to a desktop on a system configured for 256 colors will distort the color display of other images on the desktop.  Because the volume control uses a rainbow of colors for the slider, there are few left to display other graphics on the page.

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Does Evolution Interface require a CD-ROM drive?
A CD-ROM drive is only required if you want to convert (rip) audio CD's to mp3 format.


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Why does Evolution Interface require DirectX?
Like many graphics intensive computer games, the LIFE4S9 Screen Dancers use DirectX. Windows 98 and many versions of Windows 95 came with DirectX already installed.  Many games automatically install DirectX, so you may have DirectX installed even though you are using Windows 95.  

If you do not have DirectX, Evolution Interface will run flawlessly. However, the LIFE4S9 screen saver requires DirectX to be installed on your computer in to be able to function.

If you do not have DirectX you can obtain it free of charge from Microsoft at
We recommend installing DirectX 6.0 or later.  


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What is MP3?
MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3) is a standard technology and file  format for compressing a sound sequence into a very small file (about one-twelfth the size of the original file) while preserving the original level of sound quality when it is played. 

MP3 files (identified with the file extension .mp3") are available for downloading from a number of web sites. To create an MP3 file, you use a program called a ripper to get a selection from a CD onto your hard drive, and another program called an encoder to convert the selection to an MP3 file. Many people download MP3's off the internet and play them. 

Evolution comes with one of the easiest-to-use CD rippers and encoders.  A CD Ripper copies songs directly from any music CD to your hard drive, and saves it in MP3 format. Evolution has a powerful. it also has a great decoder and play list utility, which plays back the music once it's on your computer. 

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How do I restart/shutdown my computer with Evolution?
When Evolution is running you may shutdown/restart by:

You must first exit Evolution to use the Windows Shutdown/Restart commands from the Start Menu or via the [alt], [ctrl], [del] key combination .

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How does Evolution select the CD Rom drive to use for ripping CD's?
If your system has more than one CD Rom drive, Evolution selects the first CD Rom drive found.  The actual drive selected will depend on your hardware configuration.  For example, if you have two CD Rom drives on one IDE controller, Evolution will rip from the drive configured as the Master.

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