Examples of many of Evolution's dialogs, and some of the ways you can customize them. Each desktop can have its own custom dialogs. Or, set global preferences for all dialogs. 

Also check out how easy the dialogs are to read and understand, and the variety of cool things Evolution enables you to create and do with them.

Add New Item-Special tab.jpg (108480 bytes) Customize Icon.jpg (74697 bytes)

Add A New Item To Desktop
    Evolution's control center. Just hit the space bar to display the dialog. Then add up to 40 different types of folders, lists, actions, and commands to your desktop with a single click. 

Customize Icon
Use any computer graphic of any dimension for desktop icons. It's as easy as selecting from a file dialog. Customize the icon's attributes, as well as its label. Click and drag the icon right on the desktop to resize or change its dimensions.
(Dialog is not customized.)

Ripper.jpg (95688 bytes) LF9.jpg (96266 bytes)

Record From CD To MP3
    Evolution's easy to understand, simple to use CD ripper. (Dialog is not customized.)

LIFE4S9 Screen Dancer
    Evolution's totally awesome screen saver. 52 backgrounds in all, combined with an equal number of color schemes provide over 2,500 unique animated visual treats. Combine with music, too. Meet the ultimate 'party animal.'  (Dialog is not customized.)

Select Files for List-Express View.jpg (93455 bytes) Select A Folder-Tree View.jpg (75483 bytes)

Select Files for List 
Express View
Evolution's dialogs let you choose from 3 views. Express view is Evolution's evolved way to 'browse in place' with lightning speed.

Select A Folder 
Tree View
Tree v
iew is like Windows dialogs, only faster and easier. Notice the 'recent folders,' 'recent files' and 'recent drives' buttons that facilitate rapid, easy navigation to where you've recently browsed.

Select A File-Cascade View.jpg (71089 bytes) Select Dialog Background-Cascade View.jpg (102658 bytes)

Select A File
Cascade View
Cascade view is like Macintosh dialogs, only faster and easier.

Select Dialog Background 
  Like easy? To customize dialogs just select the image you want from a file dialog. And to change desktop pictures just press the B key, select a picture (or color), and click OK

Select Bookmarks for List.jpg (94348 bytes) Select Files for Playlist-Express View.jpg (101432 bytes)

Select Bookmarks for List  
Select your favorite bookmarks and place them right on a desktop in a list. Then surf to them any time with a single click.

Select Files For Playlist 
It's easy (and fun) to rip CDs to your hard drive, create playlists and sessions, and to play music. If Evolution wasn't such a powerful tool you'd almost think it was a toy.