Evolution gives you the power to create your own truly personal computer reality. Yet, is incredibly simple...

To create a new desktop press the [N] key.  ( n=new ).
Type a name for the desktop and select a picture or a color for its background.

Evolution automatically hyperlinks the old and new desktops together. 

Then, to add items to the desktop just press the [Spacebar] 
to display the Add A New Item To Desktop dialog.
There you can choose from 40 different kinds of items to add... files, folders, 

Desktops illustrated are 1024x768


wpeD.jpg (64292 bytes) office3.jpg (328140 bytes)

Office Desktop
This user's simple and serene work desktop was created using the 'The Origin' background (and icons) which is available free from the
 Evolution Gallery.

Office Desktop
This user's busy work desktop has three open windows...the Main Programs list, Desktop Links list, and C: Drive folder. A single click on any icon or on any item in a window,  launches the associated file, invokes the command, or opens the list or folder window.
All non-generic icons shown come with Evolution.

wpe2.gif (50832 bytes)

Home Desktop
An opening doorway to this user's
desktops. Vertical and horizontal bars are icons.  Invisible icons at the center are desktop links. The clock is fully customizable. Evolution's 'Navig8tor (lower right) makes switching between applications fast and easy.

Poetic Office 

Uses pictures downloaded from a poetry site on the Internet as icons. One click on an icon launches the program, open the folder or list. See below.

wpe23.jpg (134955 bytes) wpe9.jpg (57066 bytes)

Surfing Desktop

Download any graphic from the Internet then instantly use it as a desktop icon to represent any file. This user placed  links to favorite web sites onto a plain black desktop, then downloaded logos from each site to use as their icons.

Poetic Office 
folder & lists open 
using 'window shades'

Same desktop as above with the customized folder and list windows open but window shaded (minimized). The Navig8tor is running top right. See below

wpeB.jpg (80514 bytes)

Music: Native Spirit

All the pictures are playlist icons (including the big CD picture) on a plain white background. The customized playlist windows are opened. Clicking an icon plays the entire album. You can also play an individual song by clicking its name in the playlist. 

Poetic Office 
folder & list windows open 

With the customized folder and list windows open and Navig8tor running.

Record_of_the_Year_Desktop.jpg (225233 bytes)

Music: Record of the Year

The small album cover pictures are icons. Play the songs by clicking the icons once. The two buttons in the lower right corner link to other music desktops. all songs were recorded to disk with Evolution's integrated MP3 ripper.

Music: Yanni and Tesh
The scanned album covers were used as large icons to represent playlists. Clicking the icons plays the albums. One click on the window shaded  title bars above the icons expands the lists to display them. Icon at upper left is a link back to the Office desktop. Lower right  is a volume icon and Navig8tor.

Hawaiian_Music_Desktop.jpg (255232 bytes) Hawaiian_Music_w_Playlists_Open.jpg (257549 bytes)

Hawaiian Music

The Hula dancer is the background image. The other pictures are playlist icons, each representing a CD recorded with Evolution's ripper.  Small icons upper left are links to other desktops. Small icon bottom near left is a session which plays all four albums.

Hawaiian Music 
playlists open

The same desktop shown at left, but with the customized playlist windows open.

Maria visible linksjpg.jpg (212075 bytes)

Music: Mariah's No.1s 

This desktop is composed of scans from the album collaged into a single background picture. Invisible icons linked to each song's MP3 file are placed on top of each song title. Clicking directly on a song title plays or stops the song. 

Music: Mariah's No.1s   
invisible icons showing 

The same desktop shown at left with Show Invisible Icons toggled on so you can see where they're located. MP3 files were first added to the desktop using invisible icons. The icons were stretched to fit precisely over each song's title in the background. Anchor Icons was then turned on, making them into embedded links.

Native_American_Music_desktop.jpg (284898 bytes) Native American Music w Playlists Open.jpg (293526 bytes)

Native American Music

Native shield picture is the background image. The small pictures are playlist icons. The 'pointing finger' icon lower left  links to the music portal desktop. Long horizontal icon lower right is a session which plays all four albums.

Native American Music
playlists open
The same desktop shown at left, but with the customized playlist windows open.