All Evolution's menus are context-sensitive

Right-click directly on an icon, window, or the desktop itself, and the appropriate menu pops up. Goodbye menu bars. Hello easy-to-use.

Evolution lets you customize all your menus. 
Select the menu font, size, color, and style; 
and the menu's background color. 


Main menu white on blue, large.jpg (48046 bytes) File Icon menu, red on black, medium.jpg (19989 bytes)

Main Menu
Right-click anywhere on the desktop to display the Main Menu.

Icon Menu
Right-click on any object for its context-sensitive menu. 

Bookmarks List Window menu, orange on black, medium.jpg (23377 bytes)

Bookmark List Window Menu 
Right-click on windows for their context-sensitive 

Main Menu Desktop
Choose fonts and colors for menus.

Playlist Icon menu, mauve on smoke, large.jpg (22468 bytes)

Main Menu Desktop

Playlist Icon Menu

Email Icon menu, white on purple, small.jpg (20620 bytes)

E-mail List Window Menu